Watching Porn Can Make or Break You As A Lover

The question on what effect watching pornography has on a person has been debated for some time. The same for how it impacts a relationship. While there are those who say that it can have a negative consequence, others say the opposite. In truth, the side you fall on depends on several things. First of all, it’s about how much porn a person may watch. You also have to consider what kind of adult content the person is viewing. Is it soft-core porn, sex pics and animated porno gifs? Or is the individual looking at hardcore porn videos mostly? The latter is very important since watching certain kind of hardcore porn can have a big impact. Not only in the life of the person who views it, but also on his or her partner.

Another factor to consider is how you take what you see in the pornography you are viewing, and use it in your personal life. Believe it or not, it can also help determine what kind of lover you will be. For instance, women and men interested in how to eat pussy can look at lesbian porn. Many of these hardcore porn films depict girl-on-girl pussy eating. They show women giving other girls the best oral sex ever. Some of the videos get specific as far as clit stimulation, pussy grinding and so on. Those who want to learn the art of pussy eating, can absorb a great deal watching lesbian porn. Of course there are also hardcore porno movies of heterosexual couples having sex. You can view some of them to see how some men lick and stimulate their partner’s vagina correctly.

The same logic can be used for females who want to learn how to properly suck a man’s cock. Tons of men complain about females not giving a good blowjob. The truth is some women are better at sucking the sperm out of a penis than others. Additionally, there are girls who can make a man come very fast simply by sucking on their cocks. Adult sites have plenty of hardcore porno of women sucking big dicks. Some of them are very huge penises which are almost impossible for most women to handle. Yet these pros manage to swallow the entire big dick like it was nothing.

No matter which side you stand on or what kind of porn you watch, what you do with it is what counts. The reason for this is quite simple. Certain hardcore porn videos are extremely hardcore. That means that they show men fucking women hard or rough. They may pound on the girl from behind like she has no feelings. In other instances, they fuck them through the front while choking or pulling on their hair. If that wasn’t enough, you have some hardcore porn movies where the man sticks his fingers up a girl’s pussy and ass. Not just one finger, but often all of them. Although you may find some women who will like that, chances are not all will. This is where it becomes problematic for the person who is viewing the porn. And how he acts when making love or fucking his partner.

The problem is that they often forget what it is they are watching. These are paid actors who are acting out a part in front of the camera. Even if the video is a homemade porno or amateur, there are other things to keep in mind. For one, you don’t really know what relationship the two people fucking in the video have. It could be a man who is fucking a hooker or a girl he doesn’t care nothing about. Additionally, the female in the hardcore porn movie may in fact be enjoying how she is being fucked and treated. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean your partner will enjoy that particular kind of rough sex at all.

People often forget how sensitive women and their private areas are. They take much more stimulating to make them wet than people realize. Most men don’t need a reason to get a hard-on. And it is also very easy for them to come. This applies no matter how they are doing the sex act. It could be via a blow job or sexual intercourse. Men can come easily and without a problem; regardless of how they are being worked on.

That is not always the case for women though since many of them often do not achieve an orgasm when having sex. This is why it’s very important what you do and how you act, with whatever kind of pornography you are watching. The type of porn that’s too rough or hardcore may make you insensitive. Remember, there’s real life and then there’s what you see in a porn video.