Monthly Archive: November 2018

4 Ways To Avoid Sabotaging Your Relationship

Insecurities, unmet expectations and self-sabotaging behaviors are silent killers in relationships. These things can derail a great relationship. Oftentimes, in relationships, when we don’t communicate, when we don’t say what it is that we would love to have and we have an expectation that isn’t met and let that build, it can erupt into an explosion that takes the other person by surprise, or can lead your relationship down a very negative path.

Avoid this trap of self-sabotaging by following these tips for a healthier and genuine relationship;

Be Authentic

Here’s the thing, the top reason why all relationships end is because of fear. Whether it is because you’re jealous of this thing that they’re doing or you’re competing with something, it’s all rooted in fear. When you have your thoughts, it creates behavior in your body to get away from the threat that it perceives. So, you’re subconsciously doing things to make it go away.

What happens is, the deepest fear we have in all relationships is being who we truly are. We have this image, false thing going on and we see that with other people too. The thing about being real in a relationship and creating intimacy from a place of vulnerability is that you have to be willing to be aligned with your inner being or true self first.

Listen To Your Soul

Unless you’re aligned with how you feel, you’re listening to that, you’re sharing that authentically and you’re making choices based on this feeling, which is your soul, you’re not living your soul’s purpose. We live the life we’re born to live by listening to this voice from within and by loving it so much that we can actually love someone else for exactly who they are. If you’re not loving and listening to and honoring this inner feeling, it won’t let you put anyone else there.

Be Vulnerable

Being vulnerable is the secret key to an intimate and stronger relationship. You have to be willing to be where you are rather than where you think you should be. You have to be willing to stand in the truth. When negative thoughts are attacking your mind, realize that it’s just your inner child wanting to be hurt. Acknowledge that feeling and let your partner know about it. If he is the right guy and if it’s the right time, they will dig that. When you work through that and you acknowledge it, you can tell your partner that you’re working hard for it. If this is a new relationship and you’re not ready to do that, just work with yourself and save yourself when the stuff comes up in private. When we open ourselves up to really see our true selves, a whole other world happens where the relationship starts being heart centered.

Voice It Out

You have to get to the place within yourself where you’re willing to stand in your honesty, emotion that you’re feeling and give it a voice and allow your partner to hear your voice. If your partner is not ready, it’s not your fault. But I’m telling you, you will attract that person that loves you for who you are – the honest and genuine soul that is YOU.