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8 Non-sexual Touches To Increase Intimacy In Relationship

Most individuals settle for boring and dissatisfying relationship to keep themselves from hair-yanking marital issues. However, this can lead you to unhappy life and relationship.

Hence, it’s essential that you exert efforts in maintaining intimacy in your relationship. Look for ways on how to please your partner, not just through sex. As a matter of fact, you could also rev-up your relationship by means of these non-sexual touches:

#1 Communication

Of all non-sexual touches, nothing beats the power of communication in bringing two hearts together. No matter how busy you are, it makes a huge difference to sit and talk to your wife/husband about anything under the sun.

#2 Holding hands

There’s something you can’t explain about holding hands. The feeling you’re actually touching your loved one with passion is comforting. It makes you feel secured. Once in a while, do remind your lover that he/she’s not alone through holding their hands.

#3 Non-sexual kisses


You can express your affection not just through hot French kisses. A genuine, sweet goodnight kiss can tell your partner that you love them and care for them.


#4 Eye-to-eye contact


Can you still remember the very first time you laid your eyes on her? Your eye-to-eye contact instantly dictates your heart that she’s special. So, why not use again this technique to let her know how much you love her?  Drive her crazy with your long, intense gaze. Allow her to see that you’re willing to do everything to bring back the lost spark.

#5 Hugs

Give them a warm hug spontaneously — even for no reason.  Whether she’s cleaning, cooking or just a sleeping, hugging can help a lot to improve intimacy and connection in your marriage.

#6 Tap of Approval

This refers to a simple pat or tap at the back or on the arm, displaying your encouragement and support. Your partner needs this especially during bad days. It’s another way of saying “Don’t worry. You are not alone. We’ll overcome this together”.

#7 Slow dance

You don’t need to do the deed to be more intimate. You just need to play your favourite song and dance waltz inside a room like no one’s watching. Make it more romantic through reminiscing your sweet, old good days together.

#8 Massage

Massage is another type of non-sexual touching. Massage your partner’s shoulders so he/she could release all stresses and tension which they might acquire throughout the day. Massage oils can help you give them a relaxing massage. It’s a creative way of saying “Hey buddy! I got you! Just lay back and relax”

The author of the famous “The 5 Love Languages”  and marriage counselor for over 30 years, Dr. Gary Chapman, popularized the phrase “love language”. This means a way of expressing as well as interpreting love namely: words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, gifts, and touch. There is a need for married couples to remember that happy marriage starts when they marry the ones they love. It blossoms when you love the one you marry.

So, have time to find out your own spouse’s love and then express it consistently to him or her. These non-sexual touches can do the trick for you.