How To Handle Sexual Or Dating Rejection

The fact of the matter is, it’s always a risk when you’re stepping out with somebody else. Part of that risk is that somebody might say no for a whole variety of reasons that you don’t know about.

Everybody feels really bad about being rejected. It’s the most natural feeling to have somebody says no. Male sexual rejection often seems to be happening more on this side and it’s very difficult for the woman to understand when she says no that the male’s self-esteem just goes down because they feel rejected.

So what can men do when they get rejected sexually?

Try Again

If you ask somebody out through a text message or Facebook chat and they don’t reply, there are two possible reasons. One of them is that they didn’t get the message and the other one is they got the message but don’t want to say yes or don’t want to reply. If somebody doesn’t reply to one of your messages, it’s usually means ‘no thanks’. But a ‘no thanks’ response doesn’t mean no thanks forever. When that happens, a good way to handle such a rejection is to try again, not frequently, but try again after a few days or weeks. If you try three times with different intervals and forms of invitation and it’s a systematic no, then it gives you a hint that she’s not interested in spending time with you.

Don’t Be Needy

One of the important things to honor and respect sexual or dating rejection is to be needy-free. When a woman accepts your invitation, don’t keep on insisting to come back to her place when she refuses to. If somebody rejects you, you need to honor their power of self-determination. It doesn’t mean that they have been manipulating you. The fact that somebody says yes to come and have a drink with you, doesn’t mean they are going to have sex with you. Don’t fall into pressure and demanding patterns just because somebody said no to having sex with you.

Be Emotionally And Energetically Mature

You need to show up with certain level of emotional maturity. It’s not like you’re five years old. If you’re in your 20s, 30s or 40s and a woman rejects your offer or your invitation, the only possible answer to it is by saying yes. Be respectful and honor the right of that person if they say no to you. Otherwise, being needy or aggressive can leave a trail of trauma, anger and frustration to the woman that you’re dating.

Invest Less, Expect Less

If you noticed a woman and you like her and then one day, you take all the courage to come to her and then she says that you’re just a friend for her and she doesn’t feel any form of romantic attraction towards you. You have been investing time and energy in building up all these fantasies and then crashes them just like that, then of course it’s going to hurt so much because you have lots of expectations. So, lower your expectations and prepare yourself to the idea that it can be a YES or it can be NO.