What to Do if You’re Looking to Date a Ladyboy in Tokyo

Many foreigners, as well as locals, are interested in meeting and dating ladyboys in Tokyo. Sites like My Ladyboy Date and My Transsexual Date, two of the most popular trans dating apps, help ladyboys and their admirers meet.

It’s not hard to meet people offline either. Still, locals will definitely recommend taking your efforts online if you’re looking to date because it is much more efficient and does not involve barhopping. Here is your quick guide to Tokyo ladyboy dating.

Where Can You Meet Ladyboys in Tokyo?

The best approach is most likely a combination of online searches and searches of physical locations. Like we said, it’s not hard to meet trans people in the Japanese capital. The impression you make on them is what truly counts.

What not to Do

Western culture shames men who are attracted to ladyboys by accusing them of being fetishists, labeling them as homosexual, or otherwise attacking their masculinity. Eastern culture may do so to an even greater extent. It is drilled into trans women that the only way they can build relationships is through secrecy. Being secretive about your relationship with a ladyboy sends the message that she does not deserve to be seen. This invisibility puts her off and minimizes your chances of a happy relationship.

If this weren’t bad enough, trans women the world over are the most likely domestic violence victims. When these women choose to leave their abuser, he will ask them where on Earth they think they will go and who is ever going to be attracted to them like he is (the abuser).

This is more relevant to dating than you may think. We’re not insinuating the reader is guilty of such offenses. Yet, there are other, smaller ones that can obstruct decent communication with your trans date. These involve asking them whether they use tampons or have a vagina. If there’s something you wouldn’t ask a cisgender woman, you shouldn’t ask a trans woman either.

Dealing with “Cis” Anxiety

Adding to the confusion is the inner torment provoked by the attraction that cisgender people can experience. To clear up a common misconception: if you’re a straight man who was born male or straight woman who was born female and you become attracted to a trans person, your sexual identity does not change with that.

On a final note, TS girls are like all girls: they just want to have fun. They are like other girls in every respect but one: having had the misfortune of being born into the wrong sex.

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